Who We Are

Teddy’s Trucking Community Corporation, is a Florida non-profit organization dedicated to providing assistance to the trucking industry. Further, our goal is to offer programs that educate the greater community, promoting safety and awareness of semi-trucks. Through creating a positive and ethical trucking community we can ensure the trucking industry is a beacon of light to our country.

Teddy’s embraces the mission of promoting the health and the well being of the many men and women of the highways. As well as empowering our nations Veterans. We are passionate about every individual that makes up this great industry. Without truckers, our nation would certainly be lost.

It is vital that we continue our great legacy, striving for a safer and united future. Our community is more than just drivers, more than just the men and women that sacrifice for our nation. This is a way of life, a right of passage, and a privilege to be a part of the trucking legacy.

“Why, I guess every driver for miles around had caught Teddy Bear’s call And that little crippled boy was having a ball For as fast as one driver would carry him in Another would carry him to his truck and take off again Well, you better believe I took my turn at riding Teddy Bear And then I carried him back in and put him down in his chair And buddy if I never live to see happiness again I want you to know I saw it that day, in the face of that little man” Red Sovine, Teddy Bear 1976