Mentoring Program


The mentorship program is an opportunity for individuals who have been in the industry and have experience, to impart their wisdom upon others.

Drivers * Dispatchers * Planners

Mechanics * Accounting staff

Family members at home caring for the children

Our mentors have each been screened for

Driving industry expertise

Types of experience * Accidents * Current valid CDL

Ability to connect with another driver using social media and/or phone.

Mentoring can serve as an opportunity to ask anything from simple questions such as what apps they use, to more complex questions, such as whether a trainer is really teaching you what you need to know. For non-drivers, mentoring is just as important and valid. Mentoring is also important for the family members at home caring for the children while drivers are on the road. Mentoring is not limited to the employees, providing there is a family membership. The scope of the mentoring is up to you and your needs.

Come be a Mentor send us an email today.