Meet The Board

Our Founder and President:
Bridgette Schossow Reinsmith

Bridgette is a counselor by training. When her husband, Aaron Reinsmith, joined the industry as a driver in 2017, she joined a couple of Facebook groups for wives and girlfriends of truckers. She saw trends among the wives. She saw trends among the drivers. Yet there didn’t seem to be groups that provided the type of assistance that was needed. Since then, she has learned of a few charities and organizations that are around, yet nothing that is as comprehensive and provides the assistance that Teddy’s will be providing. Bridgette began formulating the idea of Teddy’s in 2017, bounced the idea off a gentleman by the name of Steven Neil who was extremely helpful. It has been a long process that has been through cancer, deaths and moves cross country. Bridgette’s training and experience as a counselor allows her to have a glimpse into how the trucking industry can benefit from a sense of community. In addition, having lived on the road with her husband, she has experienced the industry first hand

Vice President:
Nicholas Ruben Garcia

Nick joined the Teddy’s movement in 2018. Since that time, he has been Bridgette’s right hand in getting Teddy’s off the ground. He is a CDL driver with 13 YEARS of experience under his belt
in both dry van, flatbed, refrigerated freight, and inter-modal. Nick enjoys hanging out with his daughter and his puppy, and is also a musician. Nick is a funny man who is also wise beyond his years.

Bethany Williams

Beth recently joined our team after the Celadon closure. Beth is a mom of 3 and a laborer at a highway facility. Beth’s personality matches her fiery red hair. She is full of humor, quick wit and intelligence. She is currently attending college to further her education.