June Nungesser Scholarship

The trucking community is it’s own breed, embracing many different values and traditions that set us apart. With these core values its very easy to say that we are a family all our own. This diverse and unique family deserves a unique scholarship program, ensuring they get the recognition tailor made for the hard working American road warriors. For this reason we have created the June Nungesser scholarship in honor of a wonderful trucking family that display’s all of the core values and traditions it takes to be in this industry.  

With this scholarship all Teddy’s  members will have access to trade schools as well as university schools depending on what career path they choose. 

When it comes to carving the path into the future we strive to build up individuals that will be the catalyst of change for a better industry. We look forward to see the world of tomorrow through strength and unity for everyone. 

For more information send us an email.