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Why should you join Teddy’s Trucking Community?

Teddy’s trucking community is an organization that knows and understands the heart and soul of the industry. Our staff consists of drivers or former drivers, as well as spouses or family members of drivers. The rest of our staff are office and service workers of the industry.

We don’t focus on just the drivers of the industry. Teddy’s mission is to incorporate the entire trucking industry. Everyday we see all of the sacrifices each and every person makes, to ensure America moves and functions for a better tomorrow. We have heard the outcries from our entire industry; we have seen the hurt and pain that our community has endured for far too long.

Our revolutionary programs have all been designed to help make life easier across the board. Our community hasn’t been forgotten or abandoned. We are here to help rebuild the industry for all future generations. Teddy’s strives to ensure that the trucking community is a beacon of light once again within our amazing country.

Become a part of the trucking industry’s future, Join Now

Membership is NOT just for drivers!

Any individual who works directly with truckers, including mechanics, dispatchers and planners are eligible* (note-brokers and freight companies are not eligible at this time).

Discounts for Restaurants, Travel and Shopping

Educational Videos and Member Forums

Scholarships for You and Your Family

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Buddy Groups

Vetted Mentoring

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Fee Specials *See Below*

Care Packages for Each New Member

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Membership Options


Driver membership requires a valid CDL, retirement from holding a CDL license, or disability preventing one from continuing to drive with a CDL license. Drivers and retired drivers shall be eligible whether they are company drivers, lease drivers, owner operators. Drivers must provide information required to validate current or retired employment as a driver and/or disability from driving. All driver members must reside within the United States or a US territory to be granted membership.


Applicants for membership are individuals who engage in daily business with truck drivers on a regular basis. Individuals such as truck driving school instructors, freight carrier dispatchers, freight carrier driver leaders, freight pilot car drivers, and CDL mechanic's. All non-driver members must reside within the United States or a US territory to be granted membership.

Types of Membership Driver

Solo 1 Year- $35.00
*Introductory Offer *
Lifetime: $500

Family 1 Year- $55.00
*Introductory Offer*
Lifetime: $700

Retired 1 Year- $30.00
*Introductory Offer*
Lifetime: $400

Reduced rate available with documented need.

Types of Membership Non-Driver

Individual 1 Year- $30.00

Family 1 Year- $45.00

Reduced rate available with documented need.

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