Assistance Program

There is one constant in the trucking industry that effects everyone, no matter what class or role you play.

Change! This is one of the many issues we can not control from day to day in our industry. Some of that change can happen in a blink of an eye. In the last several years, we have had major carriers close there doors. In some cases abandoned their drivers and office personnel, leaving them with no way home and no way to pay their bills.

Recently, the biggest issue we have been battling is Covid-19 which has rocked our country. This has left drivers unsure if they can deliver there loads, let alone be able to go home to see there families. 

Our industry has never been in more uncertain times than it has been today. If you or someone else are in need of assistance we are here to help. We also have other resources such as Noni’s Angels that can guide you in the right direction.