How We Help

Teddy's Trucker's provides a multitude of assistance programs, so we may meet the needs of a variety of different situations. Click a program below to learn more about what we do.

Noni's Angels of Hope

Providing resource information and support in a variety of situations.

Assistance Program

Providing assistance to drivers, industry office staff, as well Teddy's members.

Teddy's Cub's Sponsorship

Teddy's driver members sponsoring future drivers to attend private driving schools.


Scholarship and sponsorship opportunities for education and CDL.

Mentoring Programs

Vetted mentoring offered to all levels of drivers and industry office staff.

Buddy Program

An opportunity to develop friendship as well as intervening the isolation throughout the industry whether worker or partner.

Join Teddy's Trucker's Today

All membership dues contribute to assisting the freight industry, as well as education for 4-wheelers. 

Collective body of individuals that embody different aspects of the industry, who all embrace the same principles. 

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